Adoption Joys Book 2: Dads Make A Difference

Adoption Joys Book 2: Dads Make A Difference

Doris Howe

Reviewed by: Arthur Thares

This book is a breath of fresh air that doesn’t fit neatly into any one box. It is part self-help, part faith-based, and part memoir, which all wrap up into an inspiring and thought-provoking piece. Although short in length, this book is not short on inspiration or emotion. Adoption Joys Book 2:Dads Make a Difference isn’t a book to be described as much as it is to be experienced, but there are still many positive things to say about it.

Adoption Joys Book 2: Dads Make a Difference is a collection of stories about the importance of fathers in children’s lives. While the book focuses on adoptive families, the overall sentiment can be applied to all families. It is a refreshing take on the family unit since fathers don’t always get their due regarding their role in the family. The book is a collection of stories from different families about the power and importance of adoption combined with how having a present father has benefitted these children whose birth parents couldn’t give them the life they felt they deserved.

While this book was written from a place of positivity, there are always people who will be offended, so it is important to note that there are topics covered in this book that could be considered “hot-button issues.” Doris Howe never dives explicitly into things like politics, but she does brush over political and religious ideas that some people may take offense to for the sake of taking offense. However, overall, the book is pleasant, positive, and inspirational, so it’s best to leave the politics at the door and just enjoy the book for what it is designed to be; a celebration of biological and adoptive fathers.

Doris Howe has found a fantastic formula that offers relatable and heartwarming stories in bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest. There are related stories, but every story in this book can be appreciated as its own essay and doesn’t require you to read other parts of the book. This is always a benefit because it allows people to share their favorite stories and passages with people without them needing to have a greater understanding of the book as a whole. The writing style is not complex, which is fantastic because it allows a larger audience to appreciate this story compilation.

At its core, this book is a celebration of fathers and will make any father want to be the best version of themselves. Adoption Joys would be the perfect gift for any father in your life to remind them how essential they are to your family. Doris Howe should be commended for her amazing work in life and this book, and hopefully, we will see many more compilations from her in the future.

Adoption Joys Book 2: Dads Make A Difference