Adoption Joys: They Expected a Miracle

Adoption Joys: They Expected a Miracle

Doris Howe

Reviewed by: Alyssa Avina

One of the hardest paths to walk in this life is that of a parent. The moment you hold your child for the first time in your arms, you feel an overwhelming sense of change come over you. As if for the first time in your life, you have a responsibility to give over your life in ways you never thought possible before. To get to that point, one must determine how they are going to become a parent. One such path for many is adoption.

In author Doris Howe’s Adoption Joys: They Expected a Miracle, the author shares testimonies and stories from people who have found joy and hope in the adoption process. From the personal relationship they develop with the single women who find themselves pregnant and looking to give their child to a welcoming family, to the adoption process itself, this book blends religion and faith with parenthood in unique and personal ways that will resonate greatly with hopeful parents everywhere.

The author did an incredible job of writing a book that is both informative and emotionally-driven, giving readers an intimate look into the life of the adoptive parents through personal stories. The honesty and depth of the stories these families tell and the heartfelt way the author is able to weave the stories together to convey the lessons that these families learned and the feelings that compelled them to go through this process in the first place was beautifully written.

This is the perfect book for those who enjoy non-fiction reads, especially those who enjoy books on parenting and developing relationships with family, as well as books on spirituality and religion. The balance the author struck in both the religion and parenting aspects of the book was great to see, and the reader will thoroughly enjoy the way the author was able to relate the Biblical references and belief system to the adoption process, showcasing that there is more than just one way to begin a family, even in a religious household.

Thoughtful, meaningful, and engaging, author Doris Howe’s Adoption Joys: They Expected a Miracle is a must-read non-fiction book on parenting and faith. The fast-pace of the book allowed the core of each couple’s story to really shine through, and the way these families opened their homes up not only for their child but to the birth mother as well was truly unique and emotional to delve into.

Adoption Joys: They Expected a Miracle