Experience the rise of a legendary leader as Cuauhtémoc navigates the dangerous world of Aztec politics and battles to save his people.

 “Cuauhtémoc: Descent of the Sun Priests” by D L Davies is a thrilling young adult/adult fantasy series set in 16th century South America, just as Europeans begin their efforts to plunder the Mayan Empire. In this sequel, Davies changes history with his captivating tale of what might have been if he had been in charge of that era. Follow the journey of Cuauhtémoc, a young birdman who becomes the Mayan Empire’s fourth prince and embarks on a mission to defeat pirates, end the barbaric practice of human sacrifice by the sun priests, and build the world’s first air force.

This book is a must-read for anyone who loves a thrilling adventure tale that will leave everyone breathless and begging for more. Davies has created a world that is both captivating and dangerous, filled with vibrant characters that will keep individuals on the edge of their seats. Readers will be rooting for Cuauhtémoc as he battles his enemies, charms beautiful women, and leaves a trail of defeated bad guys in his wake.

D L Davies is a true explorer at heart, with a passion for adventure and a thirst for life that has taken him across continents and through countless experiences that have shaped him into the brilliant writer he is today. He’s a true free spirit who has always followed his heart, never afraid to take risks and embrace new challenges along the way.

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Cuauhtémoc: Descent of the Sun Priests is now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other digital bookstores worldwide. For more information, head to Davies’ website at https://dldaviescuauhtemoc.com/ or join the fun at the much-awaited LA TIMES Festival of Books

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