God The Dimensional Revelation

God The Dimensional Revelation

Allyn Richert

Reviewed by: Jack Stevenson

If there is one question in the universe which continues to persist within the human mind, it is the question of existence itself. What is our place in the universe? What is reality defined as? The need to understand has led people to discover different avenues of thinking, from faith and theology to scientific discoveries and endless research into the origins of our universe. Yet what if there was a way of merging the two together into one stream of consciousness?

In author Allyn Richert’s God The Dimensional Revelation, the author explores this concept through the study of cosmology and ontology. By looking into the study of reality known as metaphysics, the author touches upon deep insights into the field of philosophy and uses the study of cosmology to discover new facts about what we know as the “big bang,” while the ontology aspect of the author’s research meshes a clear-cut theology about God and the relationship one has with God.

The author did a remarkable job of crafting a book that felt balanced with well-established research and deeply spiritual and philosophical schools of thought regarding faith. The way the author was able to utilize the scientific method to establish some pretty insightful theories about our universe, including the idea that our universe is a fusion of the physical universe we already know exists, and the spiritual universe that has always remained separate from our own. The passion and guidance the author provides to readers will leave a standing impression as the book develops, and the level of research and study that went into this book was fantastic to see develop on the pages.

This is the perfect read for those who enjoy philosophy, especially those books which touch upon social sciences, scientific study, and religion overall. Religious readers will feel a deep connection to the author’s words, and the fierce passion of the author’s words will delve into the way we relate to the idea of God as both a concept and physical being.

Memorable, heartfelt, and engaging, author Allyn Richert’s God The Dimensional Revelation is a must-read book of philosophy, faith, and science. The author’s work to merge these two ideas and ways of looking at the world and the heart that was poured into the belief in God as a whole and how our scientific discoveries could relate to such a powerful figure in our cultures was great to see come to life. The readers will find themselves drawn to this book time and time again, eager to both learn and challenge their thought process as it relates to the idea of reality overall.

God The Dimensional Revelation