God’s Grace, Not My Disgrace

God’s Grace, Not My Disgrace

Claudette Inglis

Reviewed by: Aaron Washington

Claudette is a 70-year-old lady who has been through a lot, like most of us. She found God during one of her pits and lived to tell her story. She writes about her journey through difficulties in different realms of her life. She discusses her faith, how much it has grown and everything in between. She expresses her belief about faith and how it works especially when one is going through a dark time. This little booklet is Claudette Inglis’ love letter to her God. It is an ode to her relationship with God and her faith. It is a literal testament to her perseverance and God’s grace through all of it.

From the get-go, you can tell this is a deeply personal book. You can tell the author is allowing you not just into her life but also into her soul. This forces the readers to connect on an earnest level with the book and the author. It also helps the reader reflect on their own faith as well as how God’s grace has worked in their life. God’s Grace, Not My Disgrace is well written in simple language and a conversational tone. It reads like a discussion you would have with your spiritual mentor. The author’s honesty and humility shine through her writing. You can feel her jubilation through her writing, which is infectious.

The book does not have a table of contents. On one hand, it makes every chapter a delightful surprise. On the other hand, it makes reference quite difficult. For example, the chapter on crisis management would come in handy if you need to remember that God grants discernment and that with grace you have won over any situation before you approach it.

God embraces human beings despite their flaws, welcoming them as His children and promising to mend them. He reassures them not to be afraid, for He is always by their side. He has not bestowed upon them a spirit of fear, but rather one of inner strength, love, and clarity. By staying focused and resolute, they can move forward with the help of God’s grace, which empowers them to endure and thrive in their journey with Him. This is the focal point of this book. It is the focal point of the relationship between God and humans. If this book does not provoke thought about your personal relationship with God, it will surely instill in you an understanding of faith and God’s grace. You will understand why things are the way they are. With this book, you will understand why you will always be told to proceed and that God’s grace will follow. You are not being blind; you are simply leaning on your faith in God.

This book is meant for anyone who could be going through a hard time. Anyone who might be having trouble seeing God’s grace through the darkness. Anyone who could be losing faith that they will ever crawl out of the abyss of despair they find themselves in. Claudette Inglis deserves praise for her profound and transparent piece of literature.

God’s Grace, Not My Disgrace