Hospital Anatomy: A Compelling Tale of Grit, Passion, and Success

Hospital Anatomy: A Compelling Tale of Grit, Passion, and Success

A memoir of a nurse overcoming obstacles to achieve her goals

Nurses from around the world aspire to work in the United States, and it is not an easy journey; it is filled with anticipation and determination. It also represents a significant milestone and opportunity to contribute to the diverse healthcare practice. It also comes with challenges such as navigating through stereotypes and adapting to new environments and cultures. Despite these obstacles, the desire to provide quality care and fulfill professional goals drives nurses forward on their path to realizing their American dream.

In her memoir, “But I Want To Be A Nurse,” Pilar De La Cruz Samoulian MSN RN takes readers on a deeply personal journey through the challenges and triumphs of pursuing a dream in the face of adversity. Set on one girl’s determination to become a registered nurse, a true testament to the power of resilience, and unwavering dedication.

Samoulian’s memoir reminds readers of the power of the human spirit and the power of determination as she grapples with the physical and emotional toll of long hours of work, and confronts the challenges of being away from the people she loves and overcome social barriers. The story allows the readers to gain insight into the sacrifices and struggles that comes with being a nurse as well as the sense of fulfillment that comes from serving those in need. Serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone striving to achieve their goals, and a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and trust in one’s self.

Embark on a journey of resilience and determination with “But I Want To Be A Nurse” by Pilar De La Cruz Samoulian MSN RN, which will be showcased in the upcoming L.A. Times Festival of Books on April 20th and 21st, 2024, at the University of Southern California campus. Visit the Olympus Story House booth #25 at the Cardinal Zone, to find this captivating book and others!

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Hospital Anatomy: A Compelling Tale of Grit, Passion, and Success