How to Prevent Diabetes: I Beat It and You Can, Too!

How to Prevent Diabetes: I Beat It and You Can, Too!

Dorris S. Woods, PhD, RN, CS

Reviewed by: Allison Walker

Diabetes can be controlled after it’s diagnosed but even a patient’s best efforts can result in serious health problems, often involving the eyes, kidneys, nervous system, feet, skin, teeth and gums. Author and health professional Dorris Woods’ comprehensive guide, How to Prevent Diabetes: I Beat It and You Can, Too!, offers readers a detailed roadmap to help prevent the onset of diabetes. As a long-time registered nurse, Woods draws from years of experience and a wealth of research to educate her readers. As a woman once diagnosed as pre-diabetic, Woods connects with her readers on a personal level as she shares her own journey of recovery.

One of the most impressive aspects of How to Prevent Diabetes is its accessibility. Woods manages to take a complicated medical diagnosis and present it in a relatable and understandable way. With its mixture of memoir and medical, Woods’ book will appeal to readers with all levels of familiarity with this diagnosis. In fact, even as a practicing nurse who often assisted diabetic patients, Woods was blindsided by her “borderline diabetes II” diagnosis. It started her on a journey to correct her eating habits, begin an exercise regimen, lose weight and reverse her diagnosis.

What truly sets Woods’ books apart is its actionable advice. Besides imparting information, Woods equips her readers with practical strategies to reduce their risk. She discusses how she and her dietitian designed a healthy meal strategy to help her stick to her weight loss goal. This includes more than simply choosing healthful foods in appropriate serving sizes. Woods also shares the many tips she received for sticking to her meal strategy; including planning ahead before dining out and creating scenarios to help her succeed. The other half of Woods’ personal pre-diabetic recovery was exercise. Notably, Woods stresses the importance of asking for help. She hired an exercise physiologist to help her plan an appropriate exercise schedule and a personal trainer to teach her how to exercise safely. Then, Woods shares some simple stretching exercises.

Obesity isn’t the only risk factor for diabetes, Woods points out. Because some people diagnosed with type II diabetes have no warning signs, only diagnosed after blood plasma glucose levels are analyzed, it’s important for all people to recognize the symptoms associated with diabetes and understand the importance of going to their yearly physical exam. Woods demystifies the disease by providing valuable insights into the role of genetics, lifestyle choices, and genetic and environmental factors.

From practical information to actionable advice, How to Prevent Diabetes leaves no stone unturned in guiding readers toward a healthier, diabetes-free life. Woods includes well-organized charts, graphs and meal plans to make it easy for readers to implement positive changes in their lifestyle. How to Prevent Diabetes is a vital resource for anyone looking to prevent diabetes and enjoy a healthier life. It’s a well-researched, user-friendly, and motivational guide that empowers readers to regain control of their wellness journey. By sharing her abundance of knowledge and personal experience, Woods has written a powerful tool in the fight against diabetes.

How to Prevent Diabetes: I Beat It and You Can, Too!