A lovely tale of a mother cat and an opossum.

 “The Opossum and the Cats” is a picture book that focuses on a mother cat on the verge of the delivery of her five kittens. The mother cat stumbles upon an opossum’s den and asks if she could stay at his place, promising that she won’t be a problem. It is a story that incorporates life lessons and moral values.

Venise rated the book 5 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon and said, “The Opossum and the Cats by author Marilyn Wassmann is a story that shows how important a kind decision can lead to a great friendship for both humans and even animals. Despite their differences, the cats continue to live with the Opossum even though they disrupt his quiet life.” She also tells readers that it is a great read.

Marilyn B. Wassmann proudly holds four degrees- two in art history, one in library science, and one in studio art. Wassmann is a former art cataloger at the Library of Congress and has illustrated and contributed to anthologies for the Greenbelt Writers Group. Wassmann now resides in Hyattsville, Maryland, together with her husband Paul along with some fish, a cat, and three lovely dogs.

Learn more about Marilyn B. Wassmann by visiting her website at https://marilynwassmann.com/

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