Mountain Murder: High Country Mayhem

Mountain Murder: High Country Mayhem

Robert J. Rosenbaum

Reviewed by: Jack Stevenson

If there is one constant in this life where humanity is concerned, it is that everyone loves a good mystery. Mystery is something which can be found in all aspects of life, no matter how small or how serious. From the mystery of who ate the last slice of cake to the mystery of why you lost that big promotion, life is filled with mysteries waiting to be solved. Yet there are larger mysteries in life which drive humans forward even greater, including mysteries involving crime.

In author Robert J. Rosenbaum’s Mountain Murder: High Country Mayhem, the author explores the idea of mystery through the murder of a Colorado Parks Ranger. Found near the edge of a popular snowmobiling meadow high in the San Juan Mountains, the murder drives a massive manhunt for the killers. Colorado Bureau of Investigation officer C.W. Blakenship leads the investigation into the murder, and in the process discovers the murder was an unintended consequence of a rather large conspiracy that ranges from the snow-covered peaks of Colorado to Texas and even Mexico.

The author did an incredible job of capturing the tension and atmosphere surrounding this murder mystery. The settings really came into play, especially in the initial parts of the investigation, as the author’s writing style brought out the imagery that made the reader feel transported to these icy, snow-covered mountains and the chill which sets into the bones as the storm rages on above you. The way this played into the investigation also was great to see, as was the emphasis put on the local culture and the way each group of people interacted with one another.

This is the perfect read for those who enjoy fictional reads, especially those who enjoy murder mysteries, suspense and thriller-style novels. The intricate detail that went into the investigation portion of the narrative, as well as the unique relationships developed by the protagonist and his group of investigators, make this a compelling novel. The intrigue and tension that mounts as the investigation goes further and further will draw the readers in instantly.

Chilling, thought-provoking, and gripping, author Robert J. Rosenbaum’s Mountain Murder: High Country Mayhem is a must-read murder mystery thriller. The rich character development and atmospheric narrative really honed in on the small-town life, tension between differing government agencies, and the suspense of the murder mystery itself. Throw a log on the fire, settle into your warm spot, and you’ll enjoy this story even more!

Mountain Murder: High Country Mayhem