The LA Times Festival of Books 2023

Ever enjoyed browsing through a bookstore in search of the next exciting adventure? The fragrance of a freshly opened book that just brings out the spirit of the story waiting to be awakened, as well as the fluttering sound of the pages as the reader turns through each chapter as the story evolves at each turn.

The LA Times Festival of Books, which took place at the University of Southern California from April 22 to 23, 2023, was an incredible experience that brought together readers of all genres to celebrate the magic and splendor of books. It allow enthusiasts to communicate with the authors of their favorite novels while also inspiring prospective writers to show the world what they have to offer. Giving the feel of walking through a massive bookstore with books of all genres and for all ages left and right.

And, of course, Olympus Story House LLC was there for it all, with hundreds of people visiting the booth with questions about the various books exhibited in the stands, drawing attention to the booth and making it a successful event that showcased works from various featured writers in the booth to a large audience.

It was truly a can’t miss event, and looking forward to see more in the upcoming year!

Thank you for making this event a smashing success!!!

The following books were featured in our stand last April 22nd and 23rd of 2023. With all the excitement and buzz throughout the event we here at Olympus Story House would like to make a special thanks to the authors who made this event as memorable as it was! We aspire to unleash the powers of your stories!

We hope to see you soon at our next event!