The LA Times Festival of Books 2024


Remember the feeling of anticipation that comes with getting a brand new book? The excitement that fills you as you meet new characters and open yourself to new adventures. The thrill of uncovering mysteries and solving puzzles as each page is brought to life. Every page draws you closer as the secrets wait to be revealed. Books certainly hold a certain magic and that builds eagerness to those readers that dare flip through its pages, bringing new stories into the world and creating memorable experiences.

During the LA Times Festival of Books, held at the University of Southern California on April 20 to 21, 2024, everyone who attended experienced a vibrant celebration of literature that brought readers of all ages together. The event provided opportunities for readers to engage with acclaimed authors, fostering inspiration for aspiring writers to share their own narratives. The festival embodied the atmosphere of a whimsical bookstore, offering a wide selection of books spanning various genres and age groups for exploration, as the sound of glee and excitement spread across the streets of the campus.

Our company, Olympus Story House LLC, played a central role in this literary gathering. Our booth attracted numerous interested visitors who were eager to learn about the diverse selection of books on offer. The atmosphere at our booth was filled with excitement, contributing to the overall success of the event by showcasing the exceptional works of our featured authors to an enthusiastic audience. This was truly a remarkable event that we are looking forward to participating in again next year for another enriching literary adventure.

Thank you for making this event a smashing success!!!

The following books were featured in our stand last April 20th to 21st of 2024. With all the excitement and buzz throughout the event we here at Olympus Story House would like to make a special thanks to the authors who made this event as memorable as it was! We aspire to unleash the powers of your stories!

We hope to see you soon at our next event!