Object of Balance

Object of Balance

Lesley Fisher

Reviewed by: Aaron Washington

Object of Balance is an entertaining, attention-grabbing book that has a unique and thrilling plot. The storyline from the start gets one on edge – in a good way. Author Lesley Fisher is diverse with the characters. In Object of Balance, you will be enthralled with witches, wizards, giants, villains, dragons, the bad guys and the good guys. Lesley Fisher’s writing stands out from other authors in this genre because of how smooth the narration is. Object of Balance is the kind of fantasy novel that both a grade school kid and an adult can read with ease. The minor stories are amusing, and the action in the main plot incredible. Reading on, you do not want to miss any action because of the flawless style of the author’s writing.

Object of Balance follows the story of nine beautiful fairies as they live their typical life. The fairies were all different in their own way, and had features which made them inimitable. Life was going on as usual until they had to get involved in a quest to save their land. It is natural to fight for, and want to retain what belongs to you, and the fairies put their best efforts forward when they were saving Andel, their world. Now the main issue was time was not on their side, and the object they needed to keep their world safe was not easy to find. This object had been stolen, and the fairies had to move from place to place, bump into adversaries, and even engage in disagreements, just so they could find this special object.

I enjoyed their travel and their adorable conversations. My favorite part about the fairies was how they communicated. The sense of harmony was never lost, and unity always worked for them. The themes of sisterhood, love, and loyalty were displayed through the fairies’ travels. Each fairy was exceptional, and brought something unique to the table. I enjoyed Heaven because of how concerned she was, Ryleigh, Bethany, Maddy because of the love they showed, Brooklyn because of her personality and how she perceived issues, and Hope because her name was an extension of her character. With every moment that passed, I deeply admired the fairies more. Lesley Fisher’s characters are easy to adore, especially the striking sisters. Kadence, Emily, and Faith were also great in their characters as nothing could stop them when they put their minds to it.

Lesley Fisher’s book is refreshing. The simplicity in the storytelling, range of characters, vivid description, suspense and humor are some of the greatest elements about the author’s writing. The exemplary narration and choice of words when characters are having a dialogue had me sold. I recommend Object of Balance to drama and fantasy lovers as the tales in the book are greatly compelling. The text is simple, and language favors readers of all levels. The chapters are also short and easy to follow.

Object of Balance