Revelation Questions Answered: Promised Before the World Began

Revelation Questions Answered: Promised Before the World Began

Larry A. Heidelberg

Reviewed by: Ephantus M.

Revelation Questions Answered: Promised Before the World Began by author Larry A. Heidelberg is an explicit compass that intends to convey answers and peace of mind to all believers who have had queries regarding the context of one of the most prophetic and perplexing books of the Bible, the Book of Revelation.

Employing the commentary and expository-study rationale, the author starts by informing readers of the Book of Revelation’s singular essence – to present remarkable motivation to believers through the portrayal of God’s verdict on every form of evil; that will precede a season of glorious abode with Him in heaven. The grandeur of Christ, His sovereignty, piety, antiquity, unequivocal ability, placement, and message of hope are fundamental concepts that Larry A. Heidelberg meticulously covers, believing that the Lord requires the world to know and fully take note of them, in a time when the second coming of the one who will question and examine the whole creation is growing closer.

The book takes readers on a journey around verses and chapters that uphold the all-knowing nature of God and the reward He intends to offer those who will endure hardships and other diverse challenges in these last days. New believers will want to study this text for a comprehensive reveal of why Christ is the ideal role model to pursue, to competently evade errors that churches such as the Laudecian fell into, pushing them into a state of little spiritual strength, humility, passion, and God’s presence.

Because of the intricate and distinctive symbolic language featured in the Book of Revelation, many people have been incapable of understanding it. The author has however done exemplary well in breaking down the complex symbolism and scripturally-saturated visions, for believers to readily see its applicability to the past, present, and future. Many modern scholars have approached the Book of Revelation in ways that have left many people lost in the prophecies, metaphors, and imagery, but thankfully, its game-changing approach will skillfully undo the effects of the doubts and half-truths, that have penetrated the Body of Christ for decades.

Overall, Revelation Questions Answered: Promised Before the World Began is a timely, prerequisite, and down-to-earth guide which is easy to digest. Its simple language and terminology beautifully perpetrate the author’s heartfelt task of telling details of the Savior and Lord Jesus Christ, and of the goodness of the Father to furnish the world with the knowledge of eternity. This book is a splendid exposition!

Revelation Questions Answered: Promised Before the World Began