Rules for Dating a Demon: The Get

Rules for Dating a Demon: The Get

Amanda Humes

Reviewed by: Christina Avina

If there is one overpowering force in this universe that impacts all forms of life, it has to be that feeling of love. Love surrounds us all, bringing everything from young animals in the wild to elderly couples in their forever homes together in a way that only love can do. The most rewarding aspect of love is the often-unexpected way it hits us, especially when the prospect of love falls beyond our grasp.

In author Amanda Humes’s Rule for Dating a Demon: The Get, the author explores the idea of love in the most gripping of ways. When Meg, a lonely demon, and Len, a young angel with a mysterious past, find themselves thrust into a situation where the heat and passion between them is undeniable, their lives change forever when Meg becomes pregnant. Soon their one-night stand turns into a complex relationship which tests the boundaries between heaven and hell, and the lengths in which love will go to in order to bring others together.

The author did a wonderful job of capturing the heart and passion of a good romance, while also balancing romance with some great fantasy-driven mythology and world-building. The idea of these beings walking through the streets of New York while engaging in their celestial trysts and heated battles made this a compelling story. The fast pace of the narrative and the creative character development really will propel the reader head-first into this world of angels and demons, and the way the author was able to develop things like the rules to dating a demon to begin with; as well as the idea of half-demons and half-angels and how their people view them amongst their societies was fascinating to get lost in.

This is the perfect read for those who enjoy science fiction and fantasy reads, especially those which delve into romance as a core driving point in the character development and plot of the book. The use of imagery in the author’s writing style really helped to develop not only the great settings of this book, but the characters themselves, bringing the demonic Meg and angelic Len to life effortlessly, which felt like a short film being developed in the reader’s mind.

Memorable, entertaining, and heartfelt, author Amanda Humes’s Rules for Dating a Demon: The Get is a must-read fantasy romance novel. The twists and turns in the narrative, the fantastic world-building the author accomplished, and the heated development of this relationship between a demon and an angel will have fans invested and eager for more of this author’s amazing work.

Rules for Dating a Demon: The Get