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Hermes' Query and Tracking Program

Self-publishing is not the end but the beginning. If your goal is to attract the attention of traditional publishing houses then this service is for you. Here at Olympus Story House we offer the Hermes’ Query and Tracking Program that helps authors by providing a written query letter as well as endorsement to esteemed literary agents to assist you in your goal to get the limelight you and your book truly deserve. ​

​A query letter is a concise and persuasive one-page document designed to capture the attention of literary agents or publishers. Writers use query letters to pitch their book ideas, providing a compelling overview of the manuscript's premise, genre, and target audience. The letter showcases the author's writing style, expertise, and relevant credentials. A well-crafted query letter is a vital tool for authors seeking representation or publication, as it serves as the first impression of their work. It should be engaging, professional, and convey the essence of the book, enticing recipients to request more material or consider representing the writer.

Bronze Package

Query Letter for books and manuscripts with less than 50,000 words

Silver Package

Query Letter for books and manuscripts with 50,001 - 100,000 words

Gold Package

Query Letter for books and manuscripts with 100,001 - 200,000 words

Platinum Package

Query Letter for books and manuscripts with more than 200,001 words


Basic articles are no longer enough to reach prospective readers and audiences in this competitive world where individuals work hard to achieve their objectives and dreams. With thousands of books being produced every day, titles with no buzz can easily be drowned out. A piece that stands out and is distributed through hundreds of media sites can help you establish your name and credibility and give your book and product a voice. ​

A well-written article to increase interest in and awareness of your name and book. The news and press release, which were first only meant for use by traditional media, have changed into their own type of independent information. It has been a substantial component of everyday material in global news aggregators like Google, Yahoo, and Bing since the invention of the Internet.


  • A 300-word article tailored to your book and/or product based on the information you provide.
  • Delivery of your press release to media outlets recipients may include magazines, newspapers, online publications, and radio and TV programs
  • Free placement of graphics, photos, video, anchor links, tags and much more
  • News Wire

  • 500-word article
  • Around 200 news publications, including NBC, CBS, FOX, USA Today, Google News, and others, are syndicated with confirmation of delivery.
  • Free placement of graphics, photos, video, anchor links, tags and much more

    One of the finest ways to get your book the attention it deserves is through reviews, it helps boost your book's ranking amongst its perspective category. Here at Olympus Story House we’ve got your back! Through our HIPPOLYTA’S FAVOR packages you could potentially increase and propel your ranking to the top 5 of the list in your respective genre. ​

    With our team of dedicated agents to help your book receive the spotlight it deserves and potentially capture the attention of the literary world. By advertising your book to Amazon verified buyers and obtaining their feedback and review to aid your book in gaining credibility, thus, gaining money.


  • 4-5 Verified Amazon Customer Reviews/Sales
  • Social Media Posting
  • Silver

  • 7-10 Verified Amazon Customer Reviews/Sales
  • Social Media Posting
  • Presswire
  • Gold

  • 15-20 Verified Amazon Customer Reviews/Sales
  • Social Media Posting
  • Presswire

    Are you looking for feedback on how well your book was written? Look no further for Olympus Story House has you covered. With our contacts, we can help you bring your work to the attention of the literary world, increasing the credibility of your book and igniting conversations and interests. ​​

    Why is this important you ask?
    Having your book reviewed by names in the self-publishing industry can possibly boost you and your book’s credibility, grabbing the attention of readers interested in your unique brand of writing.

    US Review of Books

    The US Review of Books is a modern book review journal published in the US and administered by editors and reviewers with experience in the field. In addition to putting your book reviews in front of 18,525 subscribers to its free monthly newsletter of both fiction and nonfiction book reviews, it links authors with qualified book reviewers.

    Pacific Book Review

    Pacific Book Review is known for its authoritative, impartial book reviews, which are authored by experts chosen for their familiarity with each genre. They evaluate books for both established authors and up-and-coming authors, allowing many debut authors to approach publishers with a recognised review and giving you the visibility you need to properly promote your book.

    Hollywood Book Reviews

    Hollywood Book Reviews will reach out to the appropriate producer or production company on your behalf when they review your book and determine that it has the potential to be made into a motion picture. This gives you the unheard-of chance to have your work evaluated for potential production on film or television.

    IndieReader Review

    An IndieReader book review will help your book stand out from the competition and improve its likelihood of being discovered. Some writers use the book evaluations they receive to hone their writing abilities. Although IR's evaluations are written with readers in mind, some of the greatest reviewers in the industry will let you know whether you've succeeded in accomplishing your goals.

    Hephaestus' Touch

    Explore the digital world and bring your brand online to reach a wider audience through our HEPHAESTUS’ TOUCH (Website Design and Development) service. With our affordable website packages, you can provide your audience access to your world and a glimpse inside you and your ideas. Our collaborative team will assist you in developing a website that is appropriate for your business and supports you in interacting with your audience, providing an avenue to fans and readers alike.

    Basic Website Package

  • Basic Website Layout and Design from premade templates
  • 3 Stock Images
  • Flat layout
  • Intermediate Website Package

  • Flat design based on book's cover or overall layout.
  • 5 Stock Images
  • Written Content from our team of writers.
  • Pro Website Package

  • Pro design based on book's cover or overall layout.
  • Up to 7 Stock Images
  • Written Content from our team of writers
  • Interactive website layout
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