The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home

Cheri Lepage

Reviewed by: Tony Espinoza

Over time, as the human race has grown and evolved, many people have forgotten what it means to seek out the magic in our world. Whether it is the magic of watching your child laugh for the first time or the magic of a first kiss with your forever person, or to the magic of ancient cultures and mythological figures which have impacted how we see the world forever, magic has been a part of the fabric of human society for as long as it has existed.

In author Cheri Lepage’s The Long Way Home, the author explores magic through the story of a woman named Loren. After tragedy leads her to find love, the shocking death of her first husband puts her into the crosshairs of a forced marriage to her nefarious neighbor. When he reveals the shocking plot that brought them together and attacks her in order to learn the location of a family treasure on the land, her new husband throws her down the well which her grandmother swore was magic. This proves to be more than just family legend, as Loren wakes up still alive and now in the year 2005. Found and helped by her first husband’s several-times great grandson, Loren must discover the treasure for herself and find a means of surviving in this new and mind-blowing world.

The author did an amazing job of crafting a wholly original and unique story which equally captures romance and historical settings perfectly. The thing this reader noticed immediately was the author’s use of imagery, bringing the isolated Western farmland to life both in the past and the present, as if they were real places to explore. The amazing thing to read was how the time-travel element of the story for protagonist Loren was the fact that it played a secondary role to the main narrative of the book, which was Loren and the relationships she built and how she survived tragedy after tragedy.

This is the perfect read for those who enjoy fictional novels, especially those written for fans of romance, history, time-travel sci-fi romance, and a little added element of suspense. As a fan of these genres, it was great to see the emphasis the author put on the protagonist’s specific experiences and the relationships she built along the way. The emotional core of her story and how she managed to fight her way back to her life after each loss she endured made her story that much more compelling.

Thoughtful, romantic, and entertaining, author Cheri Lepage’s The Long Way Home is a must-read time-travel romance novel. The twists and turns in the story of Loren and her fight for survival, as well as the amazing way she adapts to modern-day technology and the natural bonds that form between Loren and the family she builds for herself along the way, make this a truly remarkable and heartfelt read which will stay with you until the book’s finale end.

The Long Way Home