Eula Woodyard McKown pens a novel on a road trip and friendships

Eula Woodyard McKown pens a novel on a road trip and friendships

Eula Woodyard McKown offers the story of four women who travel around in the book A Girls’ Road Trip: from Texas (U.S.) to Prince Edward Island (Canada)

Join four adventurous Texan women on an unforgettable, over 6.000 mile, road trip from the heart of Texas to the picturesque landscapes of Prince Edward Island, Canada, in Eula Woodyard McKown’s engaging travel memior, “A Girls’ Road Trip.” This delightful book captures the essence of their travels, weaving through vibrant destinations in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New Brunswick, and finally, the beautiful Prince Edward Island.

As the narrative shifts across state lines and international borders, the author paints a colorful picture of the characters’ adventures, detailing excursions, encounters, and the sheer thrill of the open road. The return journey takes them through Vermont, New York, Tennessee, and Arkansas, completing a circle of exploration and bonding.

For those yearning for travel but confined by circumstance, “A Girls’ Road Trip” becomes a literary vehicle, carrying readers through the northeastern United States and Canada. Eula’s engaging storytelling, coupled with her passion for reading, writing, and photography, brings the narrative to life, making it a refreshing escape for armchair travelers.

Beyond writing, Eula’s diverse life experiences, from her work as a teacher to her stints in various other jobs and her active involvement in her local church, add layers to the memoir. The book is not just a chronicle of a physical journey but a celebration of friendship, exploration, and the rich tapestry of life experiences. Grab a copy now on Amazon and other leading digital bookstores!

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Eula Woodyard McKown pens a novel on a road trip and friendships