Seventeen Parcels

Seventeen Parcels

Mic Lowther

Reviewer: Aaron Washington

Author Mic Lowther’s book is as attention-grabbing as it is enjoyable. As a reader, you feel as if you are part of the narrative as the author is both very engaging and interesting. This book gets exciting from the first page. The characters are introduced flawlessly, with each character having distinct traits which the reader either loves, dislikes, or just finds intriguing. Lovers of thrillers and suspense tales will have a blast with Seventeen Parcels because the storyline gets to be more electrifying as you flip the pages. Mic Lowther’s writing is modest. His style of narrating is captivating and makes it easy for both young and senior readers to enjoy.

In Seventeen Parcels, we follow the story of Xander Moorhouse and his family. Moorhouse has done well for himself, having achieved what most could not. He is established in his craft and has worked for many years. His hard work paid off, making him a billionaire who could afford the extras. I instantly liked Moorhouse as a character, not just because of his material wealth, but also because of how he reasoned out things. Moorhouse was not only intelligent, he was wise too. Given how Mic Lowther describes him, Moorhouse is an automatic favorite among readers.

Moorhouse is rich, and when his time comes, he wants each of his children to inherit his fortune. He however does not do the conventional style of writing a will. He hires a driver named Austin Somerfield to deliver 17 parcels across different US states. The parcels are technically what will determine what the children inherit. They will guide Moorhouse’s children on where the treasures, which are the inheritance, will be. After all this is done, Moorhouse passes on more than a decade later having left the instruction to an attorney. Moorhouse’s children; Caroline, David, and Juliana, have to find the hidden parcels. The story becomes more interesting as each of the children embarks on a journey, which is more of a challenging but exciting adventure, to find the parcels, and maybe their inheritance.

This book is for people who enjoy treasure hunting stories. One gets to see how different personalities influence the outcome of certain things. In this book, Moorhouse’s adult children are tasked with finding a treasure. How and when they find it is determined by how fast each of the children are, how sharp they are, how cooperative they are and how instinctive they are.

Seventeen Parcels is an incredible book which will leave you thoroughly entertained. I particularly enjoyed the themes of family, work, commitment, and of course treasure hunting. Xander Moore is my favorite character because even after his demise, he still shapes the direction of the plot. I appreciate Mic Lowther for making each character different. As a reader, you see yourself in at least two of the main characters. Those that are loud, go getters, the meek, the focused, and those that are a tad slow are all represented. This book is a wonderful read if you enjoy suspense, drama, and are a fan of literary fiction.

Seventeen Parcels